Healing Touch

Due to the rapid evolution of our society, the body can finally be integrated in psychotherapy. The freeing of various body functions is considered as a therapeutical process, a way of self-affirmation and steps towards personal development.     

The Somatotherapy uses the sens of touch as a therapeutic liberation tool and considers the body in its holistic dimension and as the starting point and reference in the awareness proces, its evolution and healing.

The method is an original mix, comprising several manual technics, psychotherapeutical tools and mental healing. It helps us to get over difficult situations of the past, to reach out for our interior resources and thus be able to manage our lifes in an evolution perspective.

Other than the technical aspect of a massage, the touch is felt as a healing action and a transformer that allows to make the difference between our real needs and handicapping repeating patterns in our life.

This approach acts on body and mind and reveals a fondamental questioning at the same time: 

The search to find a meaning to life  

Amongst physical, energy therapies and personal development, Somatotherapy links itself to a global vision of the human being.

Even though you can't put words on your suffering, your body can express them 
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